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Arboritec DIY Satin


  • Use on New and Refurbished Wood Floors
  • Sweden's Top Product
  • Easy to use and suitable for Professional Contractors and DIY
  • Imported direct from manufacturer
  • Fast Drying - Rapid re-coat in 1 - 2 hours. Allow final coat to dry for 12 hours before light use
  • Superb Finish- Excellent wood colour enhancement
  • Hard wearing for Domestic or Light Commercial Use
  • Excellent scuff and scratch resistance
  • Very Low VOC's (2008 Compliant, less than 50g/Litre)
  • Available in Satin Finish
  • Trade Price - this sells for £69.99 retail.
  • 5 Litres - covers approx 50 m2 one coat

5 Litres ONLY £49.99 including 20% VAT and delivery
Suitable for up to 50m2 (1 coat)

 Arboritec Miracle Oil The latest and best product to come out of Sweden - this is a hybrid between Oil and Varnish. It has all the natural beauty of an oil finish but with the hardwearing properties of a 2-part lacquer with a hardener added - a real miracle!
Prices - 1 litre £30.99 inc 20% VAT
            - 2.7 litres £71.99 inc 20% VAT

 Adhesives by Rewmar

MS POLYMER Adhesive - The universal solution

Rewmar MS Polymer flexible wood flooring adhesive revolutionised the way we think about wood flooring adhesives. With the advent of modified Silane polymers we now have a product that is suitable for use with all species of wood and on most forms of substrate. Added to that, we have a product that requires no hazard labeling so we can use it confidently knowing that it is safe for both the installer, the customer and the general environment. Our MS polymer is made using the highest quality market leading silane base and fillers, which produces a flexible wood flooring adhesive of the very highest quality.

Following extensive research and with an eye on environmental responsibility we have modified the product in a number of ways that will make it even easier to use.
The product is now second generation MS Polymer flexible wood flooring adhesive with a faster cure and higher bond strength.  Added to this we have repackaged the product into 6Kg aluminium foil bags to make it easier to work with and also giving the wood floor adhesive a 12 month storage life unopened and a much extended life once opened. The benefits of this packaging are ease of application as it can be poured directly from the bag and as the whole packaging is fully recyclable disposal is easy. There are no bulky plastic containers to deal with as the cardboard boxes that we use to pack the foil bags can be flattened for easy and safe disposal.

Regulatory legislation is demanding that we use fewer products that are potentially hazardous to man or the environment and consequently we are seeing less use of materials that contain solvents and Isocyanates .  Solvent based products are cheap and products containing Isocyanates are flexible so we need a replacement that will provide a flexible adhesive bond that is similarly priced to the existing urethane products but with no hazardous ingredients. Urethane adhesives can cause problems to the respiratory system and can in some cases have a narcotic effect on the user. Using Rewmar MS Polymer adhesive eliminates this risk to the user and those within the vicinity of the product.

Rewmar MS Polymer flexible wood flooring adhesive is not only hazard free it also brings other practical advantages to the user.


12kg £64.99 inc 20% VAT

16kg £84.99 inc 20% VAT

bullet Easy to apply by trowel
bullet Easy to clean during and after use. No more black hands
bullet Good coverage (approx. 1kg/m2) using 6mm V Notched trowel*
bullet Can be stored part used so there is virtually no waste
bullet Quick grab (open working time approx 20 minutes)
bullet Moisture curing with a High final bond strength
bullet Permanently flexible
bullet Dissipates shear forces
bullet Suitable for use with underfloor heating 
bullet Waterproof

The waterproof properties of the product also make it the ideal choice when fully bonding the floor where there may be a doubt concerning the moisture content within the substrate. 

The product is available in boxes containing two 6Kg aluminium bags or in 16kg tubs that are fully re-sealable enabling the adhesive to be stored between jobs. 

Technical information

Installation Instructions (Click Here)

Data Sheet 12kg 

Data Sheet 16kg  



This video shows you how to install a wooden floor over a concrete subfloor with Rewmar MS Polymer Flexible Flooring Adhesive. Rewmar is committed to providing cost effective wood flooring installation systems including the latest technology MS Polymer flexible wood flooring adhesive, liquid epoxy damp proof membranes, acoustic mat systems together with ancillary items for the successful installation of bonded solid and engineered wood flooring. Solid wood floors can now be successfully fixed to solid substrates such as concrete.

*When comparing usage rates some manufacturers calculate the coverage using trowels with small notches. This tends to increase the coverage obtained but doesn't provide accurate guidance because small notched trowels will not generally apply sufficient adhesive to fix solid wood flooring


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We offer a solid oak flooring installation service within a distance of approximately 25 miles from Hertford to cover Baldock, Belgravia, Berkshire, Buckhurst Hill, Buckinghamshire and London, Cambridgeshire, Chigwell, Epping, Essex, Hampstead, Hertford, Hertfordshire, Hitchin, Holland Park, Knebworth, Knightsbridge, London Borough of Barnet, London Borough of Camden, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London Borough of Redbridge, London Borough of Wandsworth, London Borough of Westminster, Maida Vale, St Albans, Stevenage, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City, Woodford. We have just completed a major installation in North East London. Free estimates for oak flooring - please ring or email for advice 0844 804 2200/07801 767404 direct or email sales@jacobgraff.co.uk