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Jacob Graff’s sister company ‘Angliski Dom (English House)’ is based in the hardwood forests of South West Russia, between Belarus and the Ukraine. (on the road from Moscow to Kiev). Our staff, therefore, have experience of selecting oak logs, cutting, kiln drying and floor fabrication.

From here we provide the raw materials of natural European Oak to make fine solid oak hardwood flooring. We offer a bespoke service.

In the UK, we distribute the finished solid Oak hardwood flooring throughout the UK, Ireland and Western Europe, eg France, Spain, the Benelux and Germany.

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Solid European Oak

In Russia, we select Oak trees from the forest that are suitable for felling. These trees will be approaching maturity at up to 200 years. The oak trees we cut have a diameter of up to 1.2 mtrs. Oak trees comprise about 15% of the hardwood forests which include many other species, such as Ash, Beech, Birch and Maple.

After felling, the oak is sawn into wide lumber and square blocks of oak according to the widths we require. These are then taken to the kilns where we dry the oak for about 30 days from about 40% moisture content, to 8% - 10% solid hardwood moisture content.

The kiln-dried oak is milled into flooring at our mill in the UK

In the UK, the lorries deliver hardwood flooring direct to a number of our customers. Other lorries bring the flooring to our warehouse in Letchworth, where we store the oak flooring according to its size and type. Most of our oak flooring is in a sanded finish ready for Oiling or Lacquering after installation. The natural beauty and character of European Oak shines through once it is treated with oil or lacquer.

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